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Prices valid from 1 March 2019 [all prices are indicated per year]

This price list is for the preparation and submission of personal annual tax returns, and includes the tasks involved should the client be selected for SARS audit. We charge this fixed fee only and will under no circumstances take a percentage of your refund or guarantee any refund whatsoever. Please contact us for any prices not listed here.

Basic Price (includes):​ IRP5(s), Medical Aid, Retirement Annuity, interest received and capital gain certificates - R300 

Should your return also include any items below, add the appropriate amount per item to the basic price of R300:

  • If you are/were working abroad - add R150
  • If you do not have a South African identity number - add R150
  • Excessive medical bills/receipts - add R100
  • Car/travel allowance or use of Company vehicle - add R100
  • Home office claim - add R250
  • Rental income - add R300 per property
  • Property capital gain - add R300 per property
  • Commission earners - from R750 (basic price included).

Important Note: In the case of medical expenses not paid by the fund, the taxpayer must provide invoices and proof of payment. In the case of a travel logbook the taxpayer must provide a logbook that complies with SARS requirements. In all cases the taxpayer is obliged to supply certificates and all information required. Smart Tax will not be liable for any omissions due to the taxpayer withholding information.

Small Business Bookkeeping Financials & Tax Submission

  • From R3 000.00 per year depending on amount of paperwork
  • Tax advice & consultation - R300 per hour or part thereof



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