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The Workflow Procedure

Should you wish to make use of our services, you may contact us telephonically, via fax, email or our website under the heading "Contact us". You may fax, post or email your documentation to us, or personally visit us for a consultation. For a concise summary of what we may require from you, kindly refer to the heading on our website "Documents required." We will supply you with a quotation & engagement letter. You will be required to return the signed quotation  & engagement letter to us with proof of payment as it gives us permission to work for you.  We will prepare your return for the efile submission. An assessment will be supplied, estimating how much you will be refunded or required to pay in. Once you confirmed your satisfaction with the estimated result, we will file your tax return via efiling. We will open your personal file with us. We will email or fax your statement or ITA34 to you as proof of submission. We will monitor the progress of the efile submitted return and keep you updated. We will deal with SARS queries on your behalf (including audits). We will retain your records for five years as required by SARS.

Shared Access

SARS do not approve of the fact that we as tax practitioners work on the efiling log in of our customers. We will need your permission to request "shared access" to your efiling profile. You will still be able to log on and work on your efiling profile as always, the only difference is that we will also be able to do so from the Smart Tax log in. This leaves a clear audit trail to SARS of who did what work on the profile, protecting both parties. You are required to log on to your profile, click on “home”, select “transfer request”,  click both blocks [ITR12 and admin penalty] and click authorize with shared access block at the bottom.

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